Short Haired Breeds
eg Staffs, Boxers, Dalmations etc
I offer a thorough brush through, a relaxing bath in specially selected products, a blast through to remove any lasting dead hair and then a manicure.
Prices start at just £10.00

Long Haired Breeds
eg Lhasa Apso's, Westies, Cocker Spaniels, Lurchers, Golden Retrievers
I offer a thorough brush out, haircut to your requirements, a relaxing bath, a dead hair removal blast and a manicure.
Prices start at just £15.00

Hand Stripping
eg Terriers, Cocker Spaniels
I offer a complete hand strip service complete with a thorough brush out, relaxing bath and trim as required.
**Please note this service will take about 3 to 4 hours so evening appointments are not available for this**

Nail Services
If you require just a nail clipping I will come and collect your dog, bring him/her back to my parlour then give their nails a complete trim and file and then bring them back to you and I charge £5 for this.

Matted Dogs
Whilst I would never judge or make comment if your dog is matted, I do understand that sometimes circumstances mean that your dogs coat may become matted. 
Whilst I make every effort to brush out a knotty coat when the coat becomes more like a matted blanket it is incredibly uncomfortable and distressing for your dog to have this brushed out and it is not fair to attempt to take hours to try and get these matts out.  It is much fairer to take the coat off and start again which I understand can sometimes make them look unlike themselves but your dogs welfare is my priority. 
However you should consider that a matted coat can trap moisture, bugs, fleas and bacteria which can all lead to skin conditions that are not caused by clipping off but can be exposed by it and in some circumstances can be aggrivated by it. Sometimes in severe circumstances the flaps of the ears can bleed slightly which is caused by the tightness of severe mats and underlying skin complaints causing the tiny delicate blood vessels to leak.  This is also aggrivated by when the hair is removed the dogs natural instinct is to start shaking its head as its ears feel light which it has not been used to for a while.  This blood loss does stop quickly with pressure and keeping the dog calm. 
All of this can be avoided by regular brushing and regular trips to see me.  If you cannot get a brush or comb through your dogs coat please call me for further advice. 


Ear Cleaning, Ear Plucking and Anal Glands are available upon request.


Please note I do not clean teeth.