Who am I?

My name is Becci Mills and I have been involved with dogs all my life.  In my early teens I starting showing Cocker Spaniels and have progressed to be a respected breeder and judge.  I own 2 other breeds which I am passionate about Rottweilers and Shar Pei.

I have been grooming dogs for many years and have a wide and varied knowledge of many breeds.  I have studied canine pyschology and have a deep understanding of how a dogs mind works.  I understand how stressful it can be for any dog to be separated from its owner to go to a parlour and sit in a cage all day waiting its turn, so that is why I come to your home and collect your dog, bring him/her to my house and give him/her its haircut & bath in my custom made grooming room and deliver them back to you all finished in the minimum amount of time possible to reduce the amount of anxiety your pet will incur.

I am used to dealing with young, shy, nervous and elderly dogs and I love to make your pet feel like he/she has had an ultimate treat for the day. 

Contact Me?

Please call me on 07716 196251 to discuss your requirements or send me an email